If you’ve ever hesitated hiring a ghostwriter because you felt they wouldn’t be able to capture your voice, watch this video from Annette. If you have struggled to define your own voice, give it a watch too.

Annette covers:

  • Our process of helping clients define their voice
  • The benefits of defining your voice, including creating a loyal following
  • What is voice anyway?
  • How to communicate voice when you hire. The free report she mentioned is here.

Definitely consider joining us for one of our “ACC Easy Monthly” service options, so if you can use nearly hands-free content creation, check it out here.

We take care of your:

* Topic research
* Content writing
* Professional editing and proofreading
* Bylines or promotional tweets
* We’ll even help you publish and market your content

All the details are right here and we’d love to make content publishing as hands-free for you as possible.