How often do you find yourself struggling to figure out what type of content to send your subscribers? It happens often because we get stuck in a rut. We fall into the analytics trap (and only send the types that we KNOW our audience responds to, when we should be testing and tracking different formats on a consistent basis.) As you sit down to create your summer content marketing plan and editorial calendar, consider the many types of content you can send your email list.  The following 8 ideas will help you get your content brainstorming session off to a positive and productive start.

1. Welcome Emails – You should always send a welcome email to explain to your audience what to expect from being on your email list. Tell them how often they’ll get messages from you, plus what type of messages they’ll get. Make sure this is an integral part of your sales funnel and content marketing strategy.

2. Thank You Emails – Whenever someone signs up, or you have a huge response to an offer, send a thank you to the entire list. It will make those who took you up on the offer feel great and make those who didn’t more curious about the offer.

3. ECourses – An email is a great way to send lessons about how to do something to your audience. You can make a series of emails that give tasks to them on things to do that ultimately leads them to a goal. Keep your ecourse to just a few weeks or a few lessons. Don’t drag it out too long.

4. Promotional Emails – While you do not want every email you send to be promotional in nature, you do want to promote; that’s how you’re going to earn money. Use the other emails as a way to build up to a promotional email.

5. Announcements – If you have a new blog post, new video, new eCourse, new anything to offer your audience, or even some personal announcement to make about your life (when relevant), then you should send an announcement to your list.

6. Newsletters – Having a regular weekly or monthly newsletter is an important component to having a profitable email list. There are many different things you can include in a newsletter, such as a reminder of other emails, blog posts, round-ups of information and so forth. All of these will work very well in a newsletter. If you choose the newsletter format, then this is one that you’ll want to stick to. Make sure that each weekly/monthly newsletter follows the same basic format. You can send extra emails that are promotional, informative, and so on, in addition to your regular newsletter.

7. Advice – If someone asks a question in person, in a coaching call, on a message board or email, sometimes you can turn it into a message to send out to your email list. Giving advice to everyone on your list about something will add a lot of value to the list members.

8. Educational – One of the things you should do for your list members is to educate them on your niche, which is something they’re interested in. Tell them about problems and solutions that would be of interest to them.

9. Lists – Tips lists, resources, checklists and more. We love lists because they’re easy for you to pull together and they are easy to use by your subscribers. They provide immediate value.

Sending a variety of types of emails via your email list, and in different forms, will keep your audience excited to open each email that you send to them. Try something new. Choose a few of these types of emails to send to your audience. Test out how each one does in terms of getting opens, click-throughs, and results.

Check out our downloadable email marketing checklist for more ideas on strategy, planning, and making the most of your list.