Quick, Accurate & Efficient Transcriptions of Your Audio Recordings, Podcasts & Videos

Do you have an interview you’d like transcribed?

Perhaps you prefer speaking to writing and you’d like us to transcribe your dictation.

Maybe you have a podcast you’d also like available in print.

You might have videos you want transformed into print, so you can sell more of your product.

Whatever your transcription needs, we’re here to provide you with quick, accurate service that helps you deliver quality content to your clients.

Three Levels of Service: Each Adding More Value to Your Customers…And a Boost to Your Bottom Line.

1. Verbatim Transcription:

This is your basic transcription where you say it and we type it. Every word and every “um” and “uh” will be included to ensure you receive a transcript of precisely what was said in your recording.

Who Should Choose Verbatim Transcription?

Professional speakers who want to improve their talents may choose verbatim. The choice is yours, but we always recommend cleaned-up transcription to others and it won’t even cost you anything extra.

2. Cleaned-Up Transcription:

It’s a fact that unless we’re professional speakers, we often speak in a way that doesn’t always translate to a polished transcript. Sometimes an amazing recorded interview becomes a bit harder to follow when it’s put into print. With a cleaned-up transcript, our team of experienced transcriptionists remove the “ums” and “uhs” and other little distractions that find their way into a recorded conversion.

Who Should Choose Cleaned-Up Transcription?

If you are offering your transcriptions to your clients or customers, we highly recommend this option. For those with hearing impairment or some other inability to listen to your audio recordings, the transcripts should be readable and make sense on their own. A cleaned-up transcript ensures that and allows you to deliver a better quality product.

3. Fully Edited Transcripts:

In addition to the “ums” and “uhs”, what might be easy to understand in audio format, can become a nightmare to decipher in writing. Unfortunately, an amazing interview can lose it’s luster when in print, but it’s easy to solve when choosing the “Fully Edited Transcripts” option. Let us fix any grammatical errors, find any consistency mistakes and ensure your transcripts are a pleasure for your clients and customers to read.

Who Should Choose Full Edited Transcription?

Just like with the “Cleaned-Up” option, if you are offering your transcriptions to your clients or customers, we highly recommend this option for even better readability. Don’t leave your readers guessing about the meaning of certain sentences or get them frustrated with the repetitiveness that is common to regular speech.

4. Value-Boosted Transcription:

You probably already know how easy it is to put together an interview or other recording and BAM…you have a product you can sell. You can also include transcripts to help increase the value of your product and your selling price…but what if we told you there was an even better way to add tremendous value to your audio product and we’ll do all the extra work?

Cleaned-up Transcriptions are great and they’re perfect for offering to those who are unable to listen to your audio. But do you realize how much value and great information is just waiting to come out of that recording and transcript?

Let us take your audio, transcribe it and transform it into a highly useable workbook, course or ebook. Our team of transcriptionists and professional writers can take the content of your audio and expand it, flesh it out with examples and even include practical exercises. Whatever you want your end product to be, we’ll take care of it.

Who Should Use Value-Boosted Transcription?

Individuals who want to create highly useable information products, but prefer speaking over writing, will love this. Product sellers who want the ability to sell their products for more money should also consider this option.


$1.90 per audio minute* for Verbatim and Cleaned-Up Transcriptions.

$2.20 per audio minute* for Fully-Edited Transcriptions.

For Value-Boosted Transcriptions, contact us for a quote, so we can help evaluate your precise project needs and help you create the best product possible.

* In the rare circumstance that your audio is of a very poor sound quality or very heavily accented, there may be a small additional charge. In these cases, we will always notify you before beginning your project.

Turnaround Time:

On average, transcriptions are completed and returned to you within 48 to 72 hours (excluding “Value-Boosted” services). Rush jobs are available upon request. Please contact us about rush-job pricing.

If You’d Like to Get Started, Tell Us More about Your Project:

For the best and quickest service possible, please complete the form below in as much detail as possible. Your privacy and confidentiality are protected.

Be sure to whitelist all email coming from the allcustomcontent.com domain, so you can easily receive our reply to your request.



Is this a membership or a one-time payment?

We do not require a membership to get started, however, if you need ongoing transcription service on a monthly basis, we do have an option for that. Contact us to find out more.

Do you do any light editing while transcribing?

All transcription projects are delivered as “cleaned up” transcriptions which means that the basic patterns of speech are eliminated. The um’s and uh’s are removed, unless you request otherwise.

Do you charge by the audio hour or by the word?

We charge by the audio minute.

What is your turnaround time for transcripts?

Your transcripts will be completed within 72 hours from the time we accept your project.

What payment method do you accept and how do you bill?

At this time we only bill through and accept PayPal. Through PayPal you can pay using money within your PayPal account. You can pay with an echeck or with a credit card.

Can I sign up for just 1 month to see how the service goes?

There are no contracts or minimum membership requirements. You can cancel your membership at anytime.

Is there an extra fee to process and transcribe the audio portion of a video?

No, we will transcribe your video at no extra charge.

How do you accept audio files and how do you deliver the transcripts?

Most file formats are acceptable including most video files. However, MP3 is the easiest to receive. All transcriptions are delivered as .doc and .pdf files unless another supported file format is requested.

What topics do you write about?

We create content on a wide variety of subjects and if you’re ever in doubt just contact us.

How quickly will my project be completed?

Turnaround times will vary, depending on the amount of work involved in creating the best quality content for you. When you submit a service request, you will have space to provide us with your project due date. We will take that into account and let you know if we can meet that deadline.

Can I proofread my own work and get a discount?

An integral part of our quality-assurance process is completed during the proofreading stage. In order to ensure the best quality content possible, we are unable to remove this from your service and cannot offer a discount for self-proofreading.

Can I do my own research and get a discount?

If you have already completed some or all of the research needed to create your content, we will be happy to work with what you have. However, it will not reduce the cost of your project.

When do I pay you?

For first-time or large projects, we require a 50% deposit up front. Once our working relationship has been established, you may be able to pay for work upon completion. For ongoing work, you can save some money by signing up for one of our monthly membership services.

How do I pay you?

You will be invoiced via PayPal, a secure third-party payment processor. Through your account, you will be able to make a payment from your credit card or bank account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can set one up for free here.

How many rewrites/edits do I get with my order?

Your All Custom Content automatically comes with ONE optional rewrite within the guidelines you set out when we first started your projects. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your content.

Do you offer any guarantees on your work?

We pride ourselves on quality work. We consult with you to ensure we complete your project to your specifications. In addition, we offer one optional rewrite with each project. Because of the labor-intensive nature of content creation, we are unable to offer refunds.