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Finally, A Solution for Busy Online Business Owners Who Are Ready to Cash in on the Power of Content Marketing...

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If You're Interested In:

Publishing great original content on a regular basis
Sticking to your content planning schedule
Having more time for marketing & strategy in your business
Saving plenty of cash

AND you don't want to come up with article topics, spend your days writing or babysit ghostwriters each step of the way, then you've definitely come to the right place.

Introducing All Custom Content's Easy Monthly Content Creation Program

We know what it means to be an online entrepreneur and you probably  wear a lot of hats to run your day to day business. You're the CEO, the content writer, the support desk, the marketing department and everything in between. You're responsible for creating content, generating traffic, selling products and more.

And realistically, that's just too darned much.

As a quality online ghostwriting company providing service to satisfied clients since 2007 (but we've both been involved in ghostwriting and publishing for a combined total of 35+ years), we're ready to lift some of that load off your shoulders and create plenty of fresh and original content for you...hassle-free!

Here's What We Do for You with ACC's Easy Monthly

Instead of scrambling to write blogs post, articles, reports or any other content each month, we: 

  • Do all the required research to create your content
  • Write original content for you, while you focus on other business matters
  • Proofread and edit your content, so it is polished and ready to go
  • Create article bylines or Twitter posts to promote your content
  • Provide you with an education center with resources to help you use and monetize your content.

And the best part is...

Use Our Project Manager To Take Care of Everything for You

Forget all the hassles of locating and juggling all the contractors you need to create your top-notch content.  With ACC's Easy Monthly, you only have to deal with one person to manage your content creation with us.

Let us be your Project Manager and we'll deal with all the little details to ensure everything gets done properly and ON TIME. That means professionally researched, written and proofread unique content with you barely lifting a finger.

If that sounds good, let's get started. All you have to do is...

Feedback from our Clients:
Amy Hall
Virginia Winchester

...It was an absolute pleasure to work with All Custom Content, not only did they offer fast turn around, but they were able to capture exactly the feel that I wanted...

Linda Hinkle
Linda Hinkle

...I tend to be a bit particular when it comes to writing, probably because of my teaching background! But I have found your articles to be well researched and professionally written...

Jeremy Gislason
Jeremy Gislason
I've tried a lot of different writers over the years but no one has come through for us or impressed me more than the team at All Custom Content...

Tiffani Smith
...You literally saved me hundreds of hours and helped me stay within my budget. I look forward to using your services again...

Peter Coughlin
It's difficult to describe just how much difference working with trustworthy and professional people can make, so instead I'll just say that you're most definitely my first stop for content from now on.


Choose Your Membership Level

We're here to serve YOUR unique needs, so we have different service levels to choose from. Pick the one that serves your needs and upgrade as your business grows anytime you wish (provided spaces are available).

 ACC Easy Monthly 10

* Project Manager Access
* 1 Hour Topic Research
* 10 Professionally-Written Content Pages
* Proofreading and Editing
* 10 Twitter Posts or 3 bylines (your choice)
* Education Center

Value: $640
Your Cost: $400
Total Savings: $240

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ACC Easy Monthly 20

* Project Manager Access
* 2 Hours Topic Research
* 20 Professionally-Written Content Pages
* Proofreading and Editing
* 20 Twitter Posts or 6 bylines (your choice)
* Education Center

Value: $1280
Your Cost: $650
Total Savings: $630

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ACC Easy Monthly 30

* Project Manager Access
* 2 Hours Topic Research
* 30 Professionally-Written Content Pages
* Proofreading and Editing
* 30 Twitter Posts or 9 bylines (your choice)
* Education Center

Value: $1845
Your Cost: $900
Total Savings: $995

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Please note: Particularly technical topics like medical, legal or finance may require additional research time.
If your topics require additional time, we will notify you prior starting your project.

For High Volume and eBook Publishers

ACC Easy Monthly 50

* Project Manager Access
* 3 Hours Topic Research
* 50 Professionally-Written Content Pages
* Proofreading and Editing
* 30 Twitter Posts or 12 bylines
(your choice)
* 1 hour of report/ebook formatting

* Education Center

Value: $2870
Your Cost: $1400
Total Savings: $1520

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As you can see, we've put together a comprehensive package to ensure you have polished, original content ready to monetize, publish and grow your business. Let's look at...

What It Would Cost to Purchase These Items Separately

  • GhostwriterProject Manager - For a project manager to oversee researchers, writers, proofreaders and making sure everything is done according to plan, you can expect to pay $25 per hour or more.

  • Professionally Written and Edited Content - Each page is 400-600 words and you can choose to have articles, emails, reports, ebooks or just about any type of content written. Our content is always professionally written, includes proofreading/editing and costs up to $30 per page.

  • Topic Research - No need to agonize about what to write about. We'll take care of it. Hire us separately to do your research and it would cost an additional $25 per hour, but you get research included with your membership.

  • Twitter Posts or Bylines - Whether you tweet or distribute your articles, here's another done for you service. Purchased separately, it would cost you $30 for 10 tweets or 3 bylines.

  • Education Center - We have a growing library of tutorials and tools to help you use and monetize your content. Purchased separately, you could expect to pay $20 per month.

And let's face it, purchasing all these services separately would be a pain. Let us take care of it all for you. All we need from you is a little bit of information about your business and any topic requests or keywords you're looking to target. We'll take care of the rest.

To get started simply choose your membership level from above or click below to make your selection.

Choose & Register for Your ACC Easy Monthly Membership

We look forward to ensuring your great content is ready to publish when you are! But word of warning...

Spaces Are Limited...Register Now to Secure Yours

While we pride ourselves on having a team that can serve a large number of clients, labor is still a limited supply and we need to ensure we have enough time to serve our current clients as well. We have set the following page writing limits to ensure the best service possible.

Now is the perfect time to get on board. We've got space available and...if you join us now, you can guarantee the lowest current rate and you can keep that rate for as long as you keep your membership active.

Click Here to Guarantee YOUR Lowest Memembership Rate

If you're ready to regularly publish great, unique content, stay on schedule and save plenty of cash in the process, we'd be happy to help!

To your success,

Annette Elton              Alice Seba     

Annette SignatureAlice Signature

Annette Elton & Alice Seba

P.S. There's no need procrastinate when it comes to content creation. Just choose your membership level and start saving plenty of time and money.  

P.P.S. There are no minimum contracts and you can quickly and easily cancel your subscription anytime. Click here to get started.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is a page of content and what does a "page" mean?

A. A page is approximately 400-600 words long. You can choose from articles, blog posts, emails, reports, ebook and more. One article, email or blog post equals one page. Each page of a report or ebook equals one page. 

Q. Is the content you create copyrighted and exclusive to me only?

A. Yes, this is completely original content that we create for you and you own the copyright to that work.

Q. Is this a membership or a one-time payment?

A. A membership is required to get started, but you can cancel anytime. We deliver these services monthly to you, based on your membership level.

Q. Do you choose the topics for me or do I have to choose them?

A. Your membership includes topic research and we are ready and willing to come up with topic ideas with your approval. If you prefer to come up with your own topic ideas, you can do that too.

Q. Can I sign up for just 1 month to see how the service goes? Are there any contracts or obligations to continue?

A. There are no contracts or minimum membership requirements. You can cancel your membership at anytime.

Q. When will I receive my content each month?

A. Delivery is based on when you place your monthly order. First we'll do your topic research. Then your content will be delivered 10 - 15 busines days after we receive your approved topics. Typically an order can be completed within 20 - 25 business days of placing your order. However, delays in communication or approving your topics will have a direct impact on turn-around times.

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