Ideas for Twitter RetweetsTwitter might just provide the most challenging content writing experience. You have only 140 characters to make your point and you need it to grab attention and inspire action. It’s not easy, but through experimentation you can figure out what works.

One the most coveted things on Twitter is that elusive retweet. We want our content to go further and it can do that quickly when other people share it. But how do you get retweets? Here are 13 tips to get you there.

  • Have a Twitter profile that people want to connect with. Followers will retweet your content if it helps boost their credibility and authority. A well established and professional Twitter profile strengthens your brand and increases the likelihood that your Tweets will be shared.
  • Create value driven tweets. They might include facts, quotes and inspirational sayings, or tips. Provide value that your audience appreciates. If they appreciate it, they’ll share it by retweeting.
  • Keep it short. Short tweets tend to be retweeted more often. Short tweets also give retweeters space to add their own comments.
  • Be original. Offer information that your audience hasn’t seen before.
  • Be yourself. Share your unique voice and style in your tweet. People enjoy retweeting interesting and authentic content.
  • Use numbers. Show the benefit of your information by using numbers. For example, “10 Tips to write better tweets.” This is a headline trick that motivates people to want to read more.
  • Evoke emotion. This is another headline trick. Arouse curiosity or tap into an emotion your audience is feeling. For example, “Tired of having your tweets ignored by your followers?”
  • Use #hashtags. Hashtags help your audience find your information. They also create a community, and clever hashtags can take on a life of their own. The #AlexFromTarget hashtag quickly went viral and caught the attention of mainstream media.
  • Use @mentions. Connect with your followers, customers, and industry leaders by mentioning them in your posts. They’re more likely to connect back.
  • Retweet. Be engaged with your audience and retweet relevant and useful information to your followers. Become part of the community.
  • Ask questions. People enjoy responding and getting involved. Asking questions can help you not only get more retweets, but also more engagement.
  • Tweet trends. Tweet about current events, news, and trends. Talk about what’s hot and on everyone’s mind right now.
  • Ask. Sometimes it’s okay to politely ask for a retweet.

As with everything, if you want to do well with anything online, you have to get involved and offer true value. Keep working toward that consistently and people will share your content.