Recycle Your ContentYou invest a lot into the content you publish. Whether it’s your time or money hiring a ghostwriter, it’s important to make the most of all your content.

With that in mind, here are 6 ways to do just that…

  • Break it Down – Longer posts can be segmented into smaller posts. For example, and older post with 10 tips can be pulled apart. You can publish a handful of the tips in two separate posts. You can also publish each tip individually as a social media post.
  • Combine Short Posts – Conversely, you can also take shorter posts and combine them together into a longer piece. The longer piece can be republished on your blog or used in an email newsletter.
  • Same Content, Different Channel – Keep in mind that a blog post you published last year can be recycled and used on social media or published in your email newsletter. You may need to make a few adjustments to the content so it fits the marketing channel.
  • Same Content, Different Medium – Repurpose the content into a different medium. For example, an infographic can be made into a blog post or vice versa. A “how to” article can be used to create a slideshow, and a case study can be used to create a blog post.
  • A Little Freshening Up – You can update older content with new statistics and data. For example, an older software comparison chart might be updated with information that reflects the new versions of the software.
  • Give it a Boost – There are probably older posts that you’ve wanted to add information to as well. For example, a ten tips post could be expanded to add 5-10 more tips. You could grab an old opinion-based post or editorial and update the information with your new experience and opinion on the subject matter.

Put those to use and make your content go further.