Ideas to Make More from Your ContentAs an online business owner, you probably publish a lot of content (or you plan to publish a lot of content). Over the years, that library of content can really build up…but just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not valuable to you.

Here are 5 ways to make more money with content you’ve already published:

1. Popular Technical Content – If you have older technical content that is still receiving a lot of traffic, you can repurpose it into a white paper or a short guide. Add affiliate product links and/or a call to action to boost potential profits.

2. Blog Series – Previously published blog series posts can be combined and promoted as a short report or eBook. Again, add affiliate links or promote your own products or services in the new material.

3. Find New Affiliate Products – Older posts that are still performing well are ideal for affiliate income. Identify relevant products and add links to your content.

4. Turn your blog post into a video – Convert a blog post into a video script, publish it on YouTube and monetize the video with Google’s AdSense. You can do this with a number of your blog posts and create a YouTube channel with active subscribers and followers. Video is also readily shared on social media.

5. Integrate Advertising – If you sell ad space on your blog then popular evergreen posts are a great place to position an advertisement. You can also place an affiliate banner or advertise your own products, services, or opt-in offers.

By the way, if you’re a member of our monthly content service, you can use your “Publishing Support” time to have us do this for you…so be sure to take advantage.