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Your readers deserve high-quality, error-free content presented in a well-organized format. Our expert proofreaders can help you get this professional, polished look.

All of our proofreaders are highly qualified native English speakers. We offer two types of editing services to meet your needs.

Basic Proofreading – Includes proofing for spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation, capitalization errors, and awkward grammar.

Our current proofreading rate is $10 per page (400-500 words)

Document Editing – Includes the basic proofreading plus more aggressive editing. We will take your document and make the edits, then send this document with the changes highlighted so you can see what was modified and accept the changes.

Our content editing rate is $20 per page (400-500 words)

We use Microsoft Word to track the changes we make to your documents so you have the final say-so on what changes are made.

You’re a busy entrepreneur who needs to focus on the big picture, the big ideas and the marketing. Imagine how much time you’ll save when you’re limited to planning and someone else has to do the time-consuming work. Even better, when you have more time to focus on the big picture…your profits can get even bigger.

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