Monetize Old Content

As a content publisher, certainly you keep pretty busy. Sometimes we publish content without monetizing it or we don’t monetize it effectively. Once you know what works for monetization, it’s a perfect time to go back through your archives and monetize your older content.

Identify Potential Content

The best content to monetize is content that had a good response. You can use your analytics data to identify the content that gets the most attention on your blog – look for linkbacks as well as organic search results. If you allow comments, you might also include content that inspired more discussion than usual.

Identify Monetization Opportunities

There are many ways to monetize old posts. Here are just a few ideas for you…

1. You can add affiliate or product links to old blog posts and send the content to your email list.

2. You can update old posts and re-publish them on your blog to drive traffic to your opt-in page.

3. You can also monetize old content by sharing it on social media with the goal to drive traffic to sales pages or opt-in forms.

4. Another option is to repurpose old content for your affiliates to use. The more content you can provide them, the easier it will be for them to promote your products or services.

Track Results

Whether the goal is to build your opt-in list, promote products, or help your affiliates generate sales, tracking your results can help you identify the most effective monetization tactics for your audience.

When you do monetize old content, be sure to promote it again. Share it with your list, tell your social media followers and even get your affiliates on board.