Kindle Book Ideas

If you’re getting ready to publish your next (or first) Kindle ebook, it pays to really think about your topic ahead of time. As a business owner, publishing topics that you think are hot sellers, but don’t really fit into the big picture of your business distracts you from achieving your business goals. Instead, it pays to do your research and to ensure that ebooks you do publish, will help you grow your business.

Here are 6 tips for brainstorming Kindle topics for your business:

1. Craft a List of Pressing Problems – Make an exhaustive list of your prospects’ and customers’ most pressing problems. Just sit down with a pencil and some paper and start writing down what comes to you. Consider the questions you get asked most often, and what people share and discuss online. You might also consider a bit of keyword research here to help identify the most commonly searched questions for your niche.

2. Check Amazon for What’s Selling – Books that sell well tend topics that are popular, so stick with what sells. While you may be able to solve a unique problem, you do want to ensure there is an audience for your solution.

3. Ask for Opinions – If you have a few topic ideas for your Kindle eBook, publish a survey and ask for the opinion of your audience. What do they think would be the most interesting and beneficial topic? Do they have any additional ideas you hadn’t thought of?

4. What Do You Know? – Ideally you’ll select an eBook topic that you feel confident writing. That means it’s a subject that is near and dear to your heart. It’s a subject that you know well and are comfortable researching. Make a list of topics you’d be comfortable writing on. Compare that list with the list from #1 and look for overlap.

5. Scrutinize Your Competition – Take a look at the books already available in your niche. What problems do they address? Are the books well done or is there room for improvement? Can you offer more information or can you take different approach that would offer more value to readers? Read the reviews and see which problems you can address.

6. Assess Your Sales Funnel – What book topics would best feed into your sales funnel naturally? In many cases, eBooks are used to create attention and awareness for a business and are an entry level product. Identify the goals you have for your eBook and then consider the topics that may best suit those goals.

By looking at the whole big picture, you’re more likely to choose something that sells well and fits in with your business goals.

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