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Without a doubt, the web has become a very visual place. While text-based content still has an important role on the Internet, more online business owners are using infographics to convey complex ideas in a more visual manner…all the while, increasing their traffic and their sales.

If you’re interested in the following benefits of using infographics, we’d love to give you a hand with: infographic-thumbnail

Increased Brand Recognition

According to studies, 90% of the information that we remember is based on visual impact. Infographics help you put those visuals in front of your audience.

More Shared Content

SocialBakers.com reports that images make up for 77% of the shared content on Facebook. BitRebels.com reports infographics on Twitter receive 832% more retweets than other types of content.

More Traffic

The more your infographic gets out there, the more you’ll see traffic coming back to you. Not only can your infographic go viral on social media, but you can allow bloggers and other site owners to use your image as well.

A Better Learning Experience

Because of the 90% number we mentioned above, your audience will be better equipped to learn from your content when it is visual. And when they learn from you, they’re more likely to view you as a go-to resource AND to tell others about you as well.

Let Us Help You Tap into These Fabulous Benefits

We’ve teamed up with our graphic designer and have been quietly working on infographics for our clients. It’s quite an involved process because it involves delivering the best and most concise information to your readers in a visual manner. In short, it takes quite a bit of work to put together an effective infographic.

Well now, we’re ready to open this service up to the public and hope you’ll join us for our special February introductory offer.

Your Service Includesbea-thumbnail

  • 200-300 words of fully-researched content. Just give us the topic and information on the target audience and we’ll do all the research, writing and editing.
  • 4-6 high-quality images. In addition to other design elements, we’ll also include eye-catching images to give your graphic a professional look. Have your own images you’d like included? We’ll add them!
  • Full graphic design. From color schemes and images to text layout, we’ve got you covered to create a visually appealing and informative graphic.
  • Your company branding. We’ll make sure your business shines in your infographic by including any color schemes, logos or tag lines you’d like.
  • Your content in text format. Use it for articles, alt tags and other content.
  • A zip folder of images used. Use them to publish other content related to your infographic.

If you’d like us to take over from here, just click the link below. Normally, you can expect to pay $500 to several thousand dollars for an original infographic design, but we’ve got you covered at a fraction of that cost with at just $350, everything included.

Order Your Full-Service Infographic Creation

Just click the link above, send us a few details and we’ll run with your idea. We look forward to working for you.