Incorporating PLR ContentPrivate Label Rights Content, known as PLR, is a great time saver when it comes to publishing content and it’s very cost effective. You purchase a license to publish ready-made content and you can edit it, brand it and monetize it how you like. But how do you take that PLR and blend it in with your content marketing?

Here Are 7 Ideas for You:

  • Brand Your PLR, Add Your Voice and Personality – When you buy quality PLR it’s easier to brand the content with your own voice. You can add to the content by sharing a personal story, or change the wording a touch to reflect your language and phrases. Pay special attention to the headlines and subheadings. When you add your voice to PLR it slips seamlessly into your other content.
  • Include a Call to Action – Your other content marketing pieces have a goal, right? You publish them to inspire your readers to take some type of action. Your PLR content should have a goal as well. Ideally, the goal will support your other content marketing objectives. Add a call to action to your PLR and get a stronger return on your investment.
  • Brand your PLR with Images – Content that has images is shared more often. Add images to your PLR. The images you use should also reflect the look, feel, and style of your other content.
  • Change the Format – Are your posts, emails, and social media content all formatted in a similar fashion? You can quickly reformat PLR content to reflect the style that your prospects have come to know and love.
  • Mix it Up – You can use PLR for email messages, social media posts, free downloads, and blog posts. When you use PLR in several content marketing channels at once, you create a seamless message.
  • Review Your Sales Funnel – Ideally your content marketing supports your sales funnel. Some of it is designed to bring prospects to your funnel. And some of your content is designed to pull prospects further into your funnel. When you are using PLR, take a look at how it fits with your sales funnel and customize it accordingly.
  • Free Downloads – PLR is a fantastic tool for creating short reports and other downloadable material. For example, a batch of top tips PLR can be used to create a handy quick reference guide. Downloads are a great way to provide value and drive traffic to your website.

If you can use some PLR content, check out a few of Alice’s resources at DIYplr (illustrated tutorials, reports and other practical content), All Private Label Content (articles, email messages, reports, blog posts and more) and if you need content for a food site, be sure to go by Get what you need and apply the tips above.