How’s 2018 going for you so far?

I know that for me, as 2017 was coming to a close, I had huge plans for this year. Many of them I feel like I’m making good progress on, but now as January is coming to a close, I realize that I’m behind in a few key areas. To work smarter, rather than harder, I’m leveraging some amazing tools to help me streamline not only my personal brainstorming and planning processes, but also the execution.

It’s a two-step approach that never fails to get me back on track and it’ll help you too.

The two-step approach?

Step 1. Find Good Templates.

Now sometimes you can find great free templates online. Budgeting templates, email or sales copy templates, etc. However sometimes you need something more substantial, specialized, and well…useful. I really like Alice’s DFYTemplates. In fact, her Webinar templates are the bomb diggity.

Step 2. Set Realistic Goals About What’s Possible and Outsource the Rest

I tend to bite off a bit more than I can chew and then, after a bit, I realize I really can’t do it all myself and I get help. Definitely not a work smarter approach! It’s better to be realistic from the get go, right? Know what you can do, what you want to do, and what needs to be done and then allocate, delegate, and outsource.

I guess there’s a third step…execute. Starting with the best tools and resources makes execution a no brainer, but you still have to take the necessary steps to get your business where you want it to be.

Let us know how your business goals are coming along and how we can help.

Warm regards,