We’re quickly coming up on what many consider to be the busiest time of the year. Between work and family obligations it can be difficult to follow through on your content plans, yet cutting back on content during the holidays can be a big mistake. Your audience is shopping, researching, and spending more time online.

To help you make the most of the holidays, (and still have plenty of time for yourself), we’ve pulled together a quick list of content management tips.

  1. Focus on Social Media – People often become naturally more interested in social media during the holidays.  But any time of the year you need to promote your content to ensure it is consumed and social media is the best place to do so. You need to post more than once and consider using ads to boost views.

  2. Create Longer but Fewer Posts – You probably also want to take a break during the holidays ,so it’s a great time to focus on meatier and longer content. For example, product roundups, recipe roundups which give you a great opportunity to recommend things to your audience but also make some affiliate income.

  3. Offer Your Own Holiday Special – If you want to get into the spirit, a great way to do it is to promote a product of your own, or an affiliate product with a good commission, and give the proceeds to a special charity. You can even let your audience vote on the charity.

  4. Ensure You’re Optimized for Mobile – If you’re not already, it’s important to do this now because people are searching for your information on their phone and engaging with you using their mobile device. If they can’t consume your content on their mobile device, you may miss out on a valuable opportunity.

  5. Give Email Marketing a Front Seat – If you’ve been lax about sending out messages to your email list, or building your list, now is the time. Get your email list active again with a good promotion such as the charity event. Send updates to your list about your long blog posts, any videos you’ve made, and so forth. Anything you do should be told to your email list by habit.

  6. Leverage DFYT Blog Templates – Veteran online marketers, Alice Seba and Ron Douglas, created a great fill-in-the-blanks template package to make it easy for you to fill your blog with tons of great content.

 The package includes:
  • -Insiders Blog Content Creation Strategy Guide
  • -Evaluating a Good Affiliate Program Checklist
  • -Promoting an Affiliate Product Checklist
  • -Affiliate Network Comparison Chart
  • -Product Review Template with Sample
  • -Product Comparison Template with Sample
  • -Affiliate Account Tracking Spreadsheet
  • -Product Seller Contact Templates
  • -Bonus Offer Page Template and Sample
  • -Bonus Offer Page Video Script and Sample
  • -7-Part Proven Email Follow Up Series

Click here for full details and to get your templates

 Take advantage of your resources, plan ahead, and make the most of this holiday season. You can grow your business, increase your profits, and have a relaxing holiday.