Social media is a great way to connect with people who are in your potential target market. There is no doubt about it. But all the likes to your page won’t do you much good if you can’t regularly present your followers with an offer which is stuff to do because social media is…well, it’s a social platform, rather than a commercial one.

The easiest way to make offers is to bring people from Facebook to your free opt-in page offer and once they’re signed up, you can send them more information and offers for your awesome products.

Connecting Social Media and Email

Here are a few ways to get Facebook traffic to your opt-in page:

Share the “Why” and Link to the “How.”

Ideally your opt-in offer provides a solution to a problem that your prospect is facing. Create posts that discuss the problem. This content naturally leads to the solution and your opt-in offer. For example, if you have an opt-in report on how to reduce stress, then you might post about why stress causes disease. You can get creative with this. Share stories or provide factual information and studies.

Share Snippets from Your Opt-In

Do you provide interesting and valuable data in your opt-in offer? Are there motivating or inspiring quotes? Share these tidbits of information and link to your opt-in sign-up page. Again, get creative. You can create a graphic by overlaying your quote on an image. Share it on social sites like Instagram and Pinterest, as well as Facebook.

Create a Promotional Page

If you have a business page you can add a tab right onto your page that promotes your offer. Include your sign-up form and highlight the benefits of your offer. Capture leads directly on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook provides you with the ability to create sponsored content or to advertise. The benefit here is that Facebook offers powerful segmentation. You can make sure that your audience is exposed to your offer.

Blog and Share

Share your blog posts on Facebook. Include a teaser snippet and a link so people can click through and read more. Add your opt-in form in your blog post or include a call to action that invites readers to sign-up.

Remember, it’s important to think about how your marketing channels integrate with one another and the ultimate goal is to have your followers on an email list, so you can contact them over and over again directly and in a more commercial manner. So make sure your social media plan includes getting more people to your opt-in offer to steadily grow your most valuable marketing asset…your list.