Email MarketingEmail remains one of the most effective ways to sell a product online. Email is cheap, it’s personal and it’s commercial, all at the same time.

If you’re going to sell an information product, growing your targeted list is critical to maximizing sales. You can give away a free report or other content piece to start growing a list of people interested in your product.

You can deliver emails via broadcast or automated autoresponder, or better yet, both.

Broadcasts allow you to send emails to everyone on your list with time sensitive updates. Autoresponder messages ensure that all your new subscribers learn about your product and are given plenty of opportunity to purchase it.

Use the power email offers you and you’ll find yourself with a steady stream of sales.

Here are 6 Ways to Use Email to Promote Your Info Products:

1. Create Solo Promotions – Focus on only one product in each email of the series by placing your call-to-action in different areas in each email. When you study the metrics you will be able to determine a lot about how your target audience responded and which type of call-to-action works best. And remember to follow up. If you only email once, you’re missing out on a lot of sales.

2. Use Your P.S Wisely – The post script area is a good place to put a call to action for a second or third time. Use it to reiterate the benefits of your offer and to make your final plea for action from your target audience.

3. Send Them to Your Informative Blog Posts – A great way to sneak in a call to action is to instead send them over to your blog posts on topics related to your product. For example, if you sell a product about puppy training, you might bring them to a post that covers one of the methods in your product.

4. Educate Them Right in Your Emails – You don’t need to use a blog to send them useful content. Include it right in the email, so your info product is just one click away, instead of two. Send them bite-sized chunks of content regularly. They’ll appreciate the info and your product gets in front of them more often.

6. Use Your Signature Line – In each email you send out you’ll have a signature line that includes your name, your business name, and other information that you want to use to brand your messages. It’s also a great place to include one last link to products or services that you want to market.

Never underestimate the power of email. Growing your list is critical to your long term success and ability to sell products, virtually on demand.

Need Help Putting Together Your Products & Emails? We’re Here For You

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