Don’t Lose Contact With Your Prospects – Let Us Help You Fill Your Autoresponders with Quality Messages


Certainly, you’ve heard the expression, “The Money is in the List” and if you are visiting this page, you likely know this to be true.

But have you heard this expression:email-center

“There’s NO money in the list if you don’t use the list.”

Sure it’s common sense, but we all get busy and sometimes our mailing lists get left by the wayside. Perhaps you have an autoresponder series you started and have put in 10-20 emails, but haven’t had any time to go back. Don’t let those prospects go to waste. It’s a fact that most people won’t buy from you the first few times you contact them, but when they finally do buy and they’re satisfied with their purchase, they’ll buy from you over and over again.

Problem is, if you don’t stay in contact, that great relationship you’ve built goes cold. Let us help you fill up your autoresponders with great informational contact so you can keep in touch and stay on your prospects’ minds. That way, when you have a product to sell or recommend, they’ll jump at the chance to do so.

We’ll do any necessary research, craft the email text and ensure it is professionally proofread. All you do is supply the ideas.

Project prices vary depending on the length of the message:*

250-400 words $40 per email
401-600 words $50 per email
601-800 words $65 per email

*Please note: There are rare instances where projects will require more research and preparation. In those cases, an additional fee may be charged, but you will be notified prior to project commencement.

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