We promised to be back with a checklist for your eBook publishing and here we are. Of course, if you need a hand with any of this stuff, much of it is covered in our brand new monthly service packages. We’d be happy to help.

Now, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer or just need a handy guide to provide to your team, here are some check points for you.

•  Add Images – If you’re publishing, selling, and distributing the book yourself consider adding images to it. You can brand the book with your photo and logo. Images such as photos and graphics can be used to provide visual interest and support the material. If you’re publishing the book via sites like Kindle and PubIt, it’s more difficult to add images. They often don’t format correctly.

Format Your Book – Each eBook distributor you’re going to use to publish your book has their own formatting requirements. It’s not a difficult process once you learn the rules. However, it can be a bit time consuming the first time you format a book. If you’re selling the book from your website and not using a digital distributor, you’ll probably want to provide it as a PDF. If you’re embedding links, you’ll need a PDF conversion tool that has that functionality.

Create Book Cover and Back Cover Material – Every good book needs an attention-grabbing book cover. The cover needs to embrace elements of good design. It also needs to be relevant to your subject matter. There are eBook cover creation tools and designers that can create a good cover for a low cost. If you’re publishing via sites like Kindle or PubIt, then they’ll each have specific size requirements for your cover. You’ll also need to create back cover material and consider getting an ISBN.

Upload Your Files – If you’re publishing via a distribution site you’ll need to register as an author and upload your files. Assuming your files are formatted correctly, the upload and approval process will be quick. Your book may be available for purchase in 24 hours.

Market Your Book – As with any new product or marketing tool, you’ll want to create a marketing strategy and plan to promote it. For an eBook your plan might include:

• Announcing it on social media
• Sharing the news with your email list
• Letting your affiliates know so they can promote the eBook.
• Issuing a press release
• Gathering testimonials and reviews and sharing those on your blog and social media
• Blogging about your new book
• Creating a sales page for your eBook
• Implementing a contest or giveaway to promote your eBook, and promoting the contest via social media, email, and your blog

Now, it’s time to get to work and get that eBook out there !