Content Marketing Puzzle Solved!If you want your content to sell your products, this is worth reading because content in itself isn’t a sales tool. You have to take a new approach.

As you know, content can serve a lot of different purposes. It can showcase your expertise, generate traffic, serve as a relationship-builder and so much more.

But one thing we really hope from our content is that it helps us directly increase our sales. While all strategically created content can help us grow our businesses, there are certain types of content that lend themselves best to actually selling products and that’s what we want to talk about today.

1. Product Reviews or Profiles

A website visitor who is already in the consumer mindset is much more likely to become a customer than someone who simply searching for information on a particular topic. That is the main reason product focused content is always a safe bet when it comes to monetization.

Consumers flock to the Internet looking for information about their next purchase. They want to know the features of a certain product, they need opinions on whether the product works as advertised and more. When they find your review of a specific product, you bring yourself that much closer to clinching a sale.

2. Product Comparisons

Going even further with the product-based content idea, consumers already readily compare their purchase options. Whether they want to compare different cell phones or laundry detergent, one of the first stops for this type of information is the Internet.

Helping your visitors make a decision between specific products is also a great way to drive consumers to your website and detailed product comparisons can help them do just that.

3. How to Guides

Teaching someone how to do something can be a great way to generate some sales, especially when your visitor needs to make some purchases to complete the project.

For example, if you’re showing someone how to do a home repair project and you happen to sell a kit that makes it really easy, a how to guide showing them how to fix the problem can help pre-sell that product for you.

4. What to Guides

If you sell information products and want people to pay you for the “how to” information, you don’t need to give away the whole farm. The best way to sell your “how to” product is to give them “what to” information instead.

What this basically means is that you show your reader what they need to do to solve a particular problem, but not necessarily the details of how to do it. After all, it’s your information product that will give them that detailed how-to help.

For example, if you sell a guide on dog grooming, you might create some content that shows them the important things to remember when clipping a dogs nails (avoiding the quick, how frequently to clip, etc.), but you don’t show them exactly how to properly clip the nails. And of course, with this type of content, you can also recommend the tools to get the job done as well.

5. Content with Ads

If you aren’t selling a product, but are displaying advertising instead, putting a focus on certain content topics can also help.

For example, if you’re displaying Google Adsense ads, you know that certain ads pay more than others. Product-related content like product reviews and comparisons can help you display higher paying ads. You can also do some research and choose topics that have a higher pay-per-click rate.

Content IS a business builder, but you’ve got to plan it right. By mixing up your content strategy, you can establish your expertise, build relationships AND sell plenty of products too.