Alice Seba

by Alice Seba
Marketing Manager,

I always fancied myself to be a writer. Teachers  told my parents I wrote great stories and poems. I even won an award once. I got A’s in English and in Creative Writing class. I even got mad at my teacher when I got a B on a particular short story that all my classmates insisted was A-worthy. How dare she?! 😉

You might be a great writer too, but is it really enough to build a business around?

Maybe. Maybe not if you don’t have additional skills to go with that writing talent. See, making a living publishing your own content isn’t quite the same as writing stories for class or articles for the school newspaper. I wish it was, but it just doesn’t work that way.

If you want to make a real go of this, here are 4 thing you need to know to make content work for you…

  • Your Target Audience: Of course, every good writer has to understand their audience. But when it comes to earning from your content, it needs to be in a way that goes beyond telling stories or sharing information. You need to understand them as a consumer of goods, not just consumers of information.
  • Copywriting: Whether you are selling something or simply trying to engage an online audience (with an incredibly short attention span), being able to write persuasively is important. Learning the basics of copywriting and applying them directly to your content and sales pages will go along way to capturing your audience and getting them to take action.
  • Pretty Writing: I don’t mean pretty in that you have lovely fonts and fancy graphics, but rather that your writing is organized in a way that is easy to read online. You know the usual advice of short sentences, short paragraphs and bullet points? Well, it works. It makes your writing easy to scan and a pleasure to read.
  • How to Make a Content Marketing Plan: We’ve said it many times before, your content should always have purpose and you need to have a plan for it. It’s much easier to get to where you want to go if you know how to get there.

Long story short…writing skills are a tremendous asset to building an online business, but you have to approach it strategically. The good news is these are things you can learn and develop, so that you can get your content to provide more returns.