Content CreationA very popular way to create content is to curate content from other publishers that would be of interest to your readers. You share this content and tell your readers why it would be of interest to them…and they’ll thank you for bringing useful information to them.

If you’re busy this holiday season, this is definitely a strategy to add to your content marketing plan. Leverage the work of others to serve your audience and potentially create new connections with other publishers.

Here are 5 tips for making content curation a success:

1. Mix it Up – Share a variety of content. Curating articles or blog posts is great. Don’t forget about infographics, video, and other visual or audio content.

2. Spread the Love – In addition to using a variety of content formats, reach out across different platforms as well. Great content can come from news feeds, social media sites, blogs, and even online events like seminars and webinars.

3. Add Value – Don’t simply cut, paste, and credit the source. Add your own voice, thoughts, and value to the content. Share why the content is relevant or important and tell your readers why you’re sharing it with them. Add value by expanding on the content and show your readers how they can benefit.

4. Organize it – Content curation should be organized and streamlined like your other content marketing efforts. Create a schedule, include a call to action, and track your results.

5. Give Credit and Engage – Make sure to link to the source and give credit to the original creator. We could write a book on why it’s important, and good for business, to credit your sources. The bottom line is that it’s the right thing to do. You can take it a step further and engage with the author of the content to let them know you’re curating their content.

It’s an easy way to load up some valuable resources and content for your readers…so you can focus on important things this holiday season.

By the way, have you seen Kelly McCausey’s great source, Smart Curation Skills? Check it out here and she’ll show you the true power of this content marketing strategy.