Get Your Content Ready for the HolidaysThe holidays are fast approaching and if that means you’re going to be so busy, your content marketing falls to the wayside, definitely keep reading.

Here are 5 ways to get your content ready for the busy season:

1. Create an editorial calendar – If you don’t already have an editorial calendar, create one now. It will save you through the holidays and if the habit sticks, you’ll have a more productive 2015. Your calendar outlines what you’re publishing, when you’re publishing it, and what the goal is for the content. This makes it easier to ensure that every piece of content is created on time and that it’s optimized to meet your audience and business needs.

2. Explore content opportunities – Whether you sell products or services, or you’re an affiliate marketer with an information-based site, holiday content can help you grow your business. Think about how your audience shops. For example, a top ten gifts post can be quite popular during the shopping season. Also think about possible New Year’s Resolutions. What content will your audience love and what special information can you provide them this season?

3. Predictions and trends – The New Year is a time when people start looking forward and making big plans for themselves. Predictions and trends are always fun content to read and to create. Consider adding a few articles or posts to your content plan.

4. A combined approach – Chances are you already have content that is performing well or content from last year’s holiday season. Review that material and explore opportunities to repurpose or refresh it. For example, a top ten gifts list from last year can be updated for this year. Use repurposed or refreshed content to fill in gaps.

5. Start now – The holidays are going to be upon you faster than you think. If you start planning and creating your content now, you won’t miss out on this opportunity. Ideally, consider having all of your December content created and scheduled by the first of the month. This way you can sit back and enjoy the holidays. It also gives you time to plan your business for 2015.

Bonus Tip: Hire us – Of course, we can also help you with your content planning, writing and publishing. Check out our monthly savings program here, so you can stay on top of things all year round.

Now get to work!