Brainstorming Social Media ContentWith all your content marketing obligations, it’s not always easy coming up with great content for your social media. The great news is that all the content marketing you do is everything you do for your blog and your mailing list are stepping stones to creating engaging content for social media. When you look at everything as a whole, it’s much easier to get everything done.

Here are 5 tips for brainstorming your social media content…

Leverage Last Week’s Content:

Share data, quotes, and images from last week’s blog posts and email messages. For example, a blog post on the top ten tips to save money on groceries can be broken down into individual tips. You can share the best tips from the post as short posts on Twitter and Facebook. You can share images from the content on Pinterest, or you can overlay a tip onto an image and create your own unique visuals. Extend the life of your content by providing valuable information to your social media audience.

Expand On A Theme

Consider using themes for the month’s content. It can help create unity across your messages. For example, a theme might be saving money on groceries. Email and blog post messages can cover the topic in detail. Social media posts can highlight tips, tools, and showcase videos and/or images on the subject.

Variety Is Key

You don’t have to limit yourself to short text posts. Images and visual content tends to perform better on social media. Try short videos, slideshows (that you can create from your existing text content), pictures, and infographics. Instead of brainstorming 30 different topics to share on social media, brainstorm different ways to share the same topic.

Create A Posting Schedule

It’s easier to brainstorm and create content when you know exactly what you’re creating and when you’re publishing it. Create a schedule for your blog, email, and social media. Again, remember that you can create a theme and leverage or cross-promote content across multiple channels.

Leverage Keywords and Trending Topics

Pay attention to what your audience is searching for on social media. What topics are trending? You can leverage this traffic by creating content that’s relevant to your audience. For example, a home budgeting website might have leveraged the Super Bowl last week to create posts about how to save money on Super Bowl party fare.

Just like with all your other content, when you plan it, it’s easier to get it done. And if you need any help with this, we can do that for you. It’s all part of our content creation and publishing service. You decide what you need help with and we’ll get right to it.