Annette EltonBy Annette Elton
Operations Manager,

Words have changed my life, but not in the way you might imagine. I’ve been using them to evoke emotion since I was old enough to imagine stories and illustrate them with stick figure characters.

Writing is something that has always felt natural to me. With a vivid imagination and a bit of tenacity, I’ve always enjoyed writing and have written everything from romance novels to technical guides and papers. Throughout it all, the goal has always been to provide some type of value to the reader.

A Little Backstory…

As a child I wrote short stories and the support and praise that I received for those helped me gain enough confidence to venture out and try other types of writing. I wrote for the local paper and was the editor and an advice columnist for a non-profit newsletter.

With glamorous visions of becoming an advertising copywriter, I pursued an advertising degree in college. After college I found myself working in a number of positions that ranged from a headhunter for a financial recruiting company to managing an alternative health care practice. Throughout it all, I always managed to be engaged in a writing project of some sort.

Wanting to be home with my two girls young girls and needing to provide for them, I launched a freelance writing business. Within three months I was earning more as a writer than I was as an office manager so I quit the manager position and I haven’t looked back. Over the years the writing business has grown and I’ve met amazing people.

A Passion for Helping Others

The people that I’ve met and the projects that I’ve been able to work on as a writer have changed my life. Being a writer means that I am able to learn about a wide variety of topics. (I actually know how to train your parrot to roller skate if you’re interested!) More importantly, I’m able to…

  • Help business owners achieve their dreams
  • Guide other writers to create fulfilling careers
  • Create information that helps people solve their problems
  • And entertain, engage, and connect.

It’s tremendously rewarding to help business owners achieve their goals through content and it’s a good feeling to know that the information that’s being put into the world is helping others.

Sure it’s fun to be published and to see my name on a book cover or a blog post. It’s more enjoyable to help a business owner embrace the power of words and connect with their prospects, provide value, and grow their business.