Alice Sebaby Alice Seba
Marketing Manager,

I’ve always been a writer. As a young child and teenager, I wrote a lot of short stories and poetry. I even won a poetry contest or two. I always fancied that I could be a professional writer one day, but in those days, those dreams were just as far off as becoming a Hollywood actress. Very few people could be become successful professional authors or writers.

So as I grew up, I resigned myself to more practical goals. I went to university and thought I might be a teacher or perhaps even a lawyer, but really I wasn’t too sure. I began my professional career as an ESL teacher and then as a marketing manager for an ESL school. I later moved to Human Resources with the Canadian federal government. It was all right…I was paid well and it was reasonably interesting work, but it wasn’t what I’d really hoped for.

But then something interesting happened. In 2001, I had my first child and I knew that since there was that thing called the Internet, there had to be a way for me to do something, so I could stay home with my son. I dabbled with a direct sales company, but it was NOT right for me at all, so I looked deeper and discovered something amazing.

I could write, stay home with my son AND earn a living online.

I was building websites and quickly realizing the power that content had. It would drive traffic (a TON of traffic back then when search engine optimization – SEO – was a breeze) and it would sell products. The most surprising thing to me was that I could actually sell stuff. My stint in direct sales, and even in retail when I was teenager, told me that I was no sales person, but somehow, online it was all different. I could use my penchant for writing to be persuasive.

Now, this wasn’t exactly the fiction writing of my younger years, but it was still exciting because I got to write about interesting topics and expand my skills in a manner that suited me perfectly.

I continued to write for myself and I took some clients back then too. While I now manage the marketing for All Custom Content and no longer write for clients, it’s always been a great passion of mine to show online business owners the true power of the written word, and more importantly, to make it easy for them to unleash that power. Because without words, we have nothing.  Yes, we can use images, but we need to add to that story. And yes, we have video, video is fuelled by words.

Over the years, things have changed somewhat online. SEO is not as easy as it was. Multimedia is everywhere. The web is social. But words still remain. My business still relies on content to keep moving forward. It attracts new subscribers who ultimately become customers through the continued conversation through content. It’s the same for our clients.

So no matter what you do online, never forget the power of words. It creates a surprisingly deep connection with your followers when they feel you understand their problems. It brings new people to you through word of mouth. It’s what helps you educate your audience and creates informed consumers we can sell products to over and over again. Content, it’s what drives your business.

Of course, not everyone grew up scribbling in notebooks every spare moment they had, so writing may not be your thing. We all have our unique skills we bring to our businesses, but the wonderful thing is, we can work with others who to fill the gaps we may have. If we can help you with your content creation and publishing at all, we’d be delighted to help you.