Ecourses are a great way to add value for your audience. It’s good solid content that teaches, informs, and may even entertain depending on your style. Ecourses can be used as opt-in offers. They can build relationships with your audience when you give them away for free. And of course they can be sold on your site or used as bonus offers to motivate purchases. Regardless of the goals you have for your ecourse, there are some handy tools that can help you monetize it. These tools make it easy for you, and for your audience, to get the most from your course.

#1 Moon Clerk – This works with,, and other autoresponder services, which will enable you to collect one-time and recurring payments for your courses. You’ll need a stripe account as well to get started with using Moon Clerk.Link to Moon Clerk –

#2 PayPal – You can set up a PayPal subscription payment with a simple link to set up an eCourse, using either or another shopping cart system. Set up a sales page with the payment option, and then send them to a thank you page with a sign-up sheet. That will sign them up for the autoresponder with the eCourse.

#3 – This is a membership software, which you don’t need to run an eCourse, but it is a good way to set them up to avoid issues with people unsubscribing and still being on the course list, as can happen with the PayPal / ClickBank idea.

#4 Upsells – A great way to make money from a free email course is to offer an upsell of some kind. This could be a product you’ve shown them that they need, such as a private membership group and other related products to the course.

#5 Exclusive Offers – People on your list will love feeling exclusive. Use the list to make “list member only” special offers. When you hype up these offers to let them know that they are honestly the only ones getting a “sneak peek exclusive offer” and an inside view of your products and services, they’ll be excited to get the chance.

#6 Cross-Promote – If you have other offers outside of this course, such as more courses, you can cross-promote. This is an offer that is related to the course your customer is taking, but is not a sale that’s directly related to the course they’re in now.

#7 Coaching – If you’ve given a good eCourse to your audience, you can offer to give them extra help with one-on-one coaching or group coaching calls for a fee. Make the offer through the course in the beginning, toward the middle and at the end.

#8 Publish and Sell It On Amazon – And of course, don’t forget that you can publish your ECourse on Amazon’s Kindle publishing platform – Check out this handy Kindle Publishing Guide

This, of course, isn’t an exhaustive list. Use it to get started and begin planning your next ecourse.

To your success!