Email marketing is one of the most important and effective forms of marketing you can leverage. The conversion rate and return on investment outrank just about every other type of online marketing tactic. That’s because a new client needs engage with your company and brand an average eight times before they trust you enough to buy something. Email is the perfect way to do engage and connect. Here’s are 7 timeless ways to connect and convert with email.

  1. Leverage the Autoresponder– No matter what else you do when it comes to online marketing, when someone gets on your list be sure to send them an immediate welcome email packed with value. Autoresponders ensure that everyone has the same initial experience with you and that you engage with them right away, when they’re thinking about you. Wait too long to connect and they will have moved on. A good rule of thumb it to send an email every other day for the first week or so and then one a week for a few weeks. Then they can flow into your newsletter list and receive those messages.
  2. ECourses – A great way to fill up your email marketing autoresponder is with an eCourse that delivers daily or weekly with information and assignments for your audience. This is not only a good way to teach them something but also a good way to suggest other products.
  3. ENewsletter – Segue your new subscribers into a weekly newsletter once they’ve completed your ecourse or autoresponder series.  A newsletter can go out monthly or more often. It doesn’t have to offer anything new, your newsletter can simply be a weekly update about what’s on your blog and what you’re offering right now. It’s a simple way to keep in touch.
  4. Craft Effective Headlines –  It’s very important that headlines and subject lines be specific, keyword rich, and something the audience will want to open and see. Don’t be tricky or too cheeky as people don’t click through unless they know what’s inside.
  5. Personalize Email – Email technology allows you to personalize an email based on the information you’ve gathered from your audience. You can collect first name and email, and then you can send your email to, “Dear Sally,” instead of no one.
  6. Consider a Double Opt-In – Consider a double opt-in procedure. This means that the person subscribes at your website, then they agree that they subscribed via their email. Using this method may mean that you lose some people in the process, however the subscribers that you do gain will be qualified leads who are more likely to be converted to customers.
  7. Don’t Forget your Call To Action –  When you send emails to anyone for any reason,include a call to action. It might be to share the newsletter with others, to like you on social media, to try out software you recommend or something else entirely.

To build relationships with your audience and to earn their trust and respect, email is still one of the most powerful tools. The key is to make sure you capture their attention right away and to consistently provide value. Sit down today and create an autoresponder series. Test it, tweak it, and start leveraging email to convert more customers.


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