You know that content marketing is the foundation of your business. It’s how you earn trust, credibility, traffic, and ultimately it’s how you earn sales. You probably also know that creating the content that you need to be successful can be time consuming and expensive. A content calendar is a great start, however to fully make the most of your time and your money, consider the following tips:

1. Hire a Ghostwriter – A good content ghostwriter can be a life saver. If it takes you an hour to write one blog post, and you could earn more doing other work during that hour, it only makes sense to let a writer do it for you. It’s about evaluating your hourly rate and deciding what is more important and profitable for you to do. If you can spend an hour or two on profit generating tasks that earn more than you’d spend on a ghostwriter, then it’s a logical decision to hire a ghostwriter.

(Note, you can calculate your hourly rate by looking at how much you earn each week or month and then how many hours you work on your business. For example, if you earn $2000/week and you work 20 hours then you’re making $100/hour. If you hire a ghostwriter for $20/hour, that’s a good investment of your time and money.)

***You can also take advantage of savings offers like our Monthly Membership Option. 

2. Buy and Use PLR – Private label rights articles are very useful to use and very inexpensive. If you choose well, you can use PLR for a lot of your content. When you use PLR it’s important to update it and change it around to make it your own first, but that will take minutes to do. Look for quality PLR like the providers we proudly promote.

3. Write It Yourself – If you think you can’t write, you’re wrong. If you know a topic well, you can write about it. Just write how you talk. Make it conversational. If writing still feels like a struggle, consider dictation and hire an assistant to clean it up for you.

4. Repurpose What You Have – Every piece of content you create can be used again; you will just need to change it up a little bit to use it in other places. You can use a blog post in a newsletter, compile them together into a book and more. Turn a blog post into a video. Turn a data-centric blog post into an infographic, turn several newsletters into an eBook – if you keep a plan in place it will see as if the content you have multiplies

5. Update It  – This is a little different than repurposing in that you will take older content that has what is now old or dated information. Updating it with new links, new facts, new products and information helps you continue providing valuable content.

6. Curate Content – In addition to your own content it’s important to tell your audience about other people’s content by curating content. The way that works is that you find excellent content that would be of interest to your audience, write a short blurb about it, add in your thoughts and link to the content.

7. Mix It Up – Creating different types and forms of content is an effective way to expand your content, leverage your time, and make the most of your budget. Variety helps keep your audience engaged.

Finally, make sure that you’re promoting your content. Writing content and publishing it without also promoting it diminishes your potential return on investment. You’ve put in time, energy, and money – tell others about your content. Creating content is one of the best ways to market your business inexpensively. Saving money on the content that you create is essential because you need so much to stay in the game today. But, it doesn’t have to break the bank to be effective.