typewriter-garbage-250Content marketing is something that you’re going to continue to hear a lot about in the upcoming year. As an online business owner, it is the single best tool that you have to reach your audience, engage with them, build trust, and ultimately to make sales. There’s a very broad spectrum of content marketing efforts out there – from the “spectacular, never want to miss a post” content to the invisible marketer that’s just not hitting the mark.

Most organizations sit somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. And there are some very simple strategies that you can employ to improve quantity, quality, and results. There are also some mistakes to avoid. Let’s start this brief blog series by looking at the mistakes.

  1. Ignoring SEO – Many organizations, that used to put a lot of effort into keyword research, link tactics, and SEO strategy simply dropped the ball. With all of the Google changes it may have felt like it wasn’t worth the effort. It is. Please don’t think that SEO doesn’t matter. Go back to the basics and start making sure that keywords are used naturally in your content.
  1. Not Automating Relevant Tasks – You’re only one person. A good rule of thumb is that you should personally respond and interact with people on social media and within comments of your blog, but you should use strive to automate much of your content marketing. What are we talking about? Autoresponders, social media scheduling, and blog post uploading tools that can upload and schedule hundreds of posts at once are just the beginning.
  1. Not Promoting Your Content – When you create any type of content that you want people to find, you should promote it via your social media networks and email. You can even promote it via pay-per-click ads. If you don’t promote your content, you may struggle to see a positive return on investment – and promoting it is easy.
  1. Creating Poor Quality Content – Choose quality over quantity. Create quality content on a schedule that works for you. If it’s high quality, answers questions, and solves problems, it will be welcomed.
  1. Not Reworking and Rewriting PLRPrivate label rights content offers you a good way to get content fast. But, to use it effectively you need to learn how to update it, change it, and make it your own. You want to avoid duplicate content issues, and you want all your content to speak in your voice.
  1. Not Publishing Consistently – You do have to publish enough to get noticed and keep the interest of your audience. Don’t get so bogged down in perfection that you neglect creating new content at least weekly.
  1. Not Outsourcing – There are a variety of simple (and cost effective) content marketing tasks that you can outsource. These include but aren’t limited to: uploading and scheduling content, topic research, keyword research, social media interactions, editing/proofreading, and ghostwriting (ghostwriters can rewrite PLR too).

A solid content marketing strategy and a good plan in place that supports you to follow through will help you eliminate most of these mistakes. Let us help you make 2017 the best year yet. From emails to ebooks and everything in between, our content membership and a la carte services support you to leverage the power of content marketing to grow your business. Visit allcustomcontent.com to learn how we can help.