Get More Clicks on Your LinksContent is what captures attention for your business and it’s what holds the attention of your prospects, leads, and customers. You know this and yet organizations consistently report that their top content marketing challenges include producing consistent content. (Source: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs)

The key is to create a strategy that embraces these 5 tips to publish more content. You have valuable resources available to you. Take advantage of them. 

#1 Repurpose – When you write a blog post, that post can now be repurposed into something new. For example, you can take each point in the post and make a meme, or you can take the statistics within the post and create an infographic. You can also use the post as a basis for a YouTube video or even better a webinar that you then repurpose into a YouTube video. The possibilities are truly endless.

#2 Use PLR –  One way to come up with good content for your needs is to invest in good PLR. Private label rights content is a lot more useful than you may initially believe. It’s especially good for membership content, email content, and for repurposing into new content from such as a course or webinar. 

We recommend:

#3 Monitor Trending News and Curate – Planning is essential to a good content marketing plan. But, following trends and creating right on time content that resonates during any given situation is important too. This means that you need to keep your eyes peeled for relevant ways to tie in your brand to whatever news is trending. Keep in mind that you can also curate. Find great information or news online and create a list of tips or facts. Cite your sources to maintain credibility and transparency.

#4 Understand What Makes Good Content –  You know the drill right? Original, targeted content with strong headlines will get amazing results. Plus of course including visual elements as well as compelling calls to action are important too. While the idea of more is better is true, you want more great content, not more useless content. Perfect each piece to get the most out of it.

#5 Outsource – You know that you need content to increase traffic, encourage engagement and get more conversions but there are only so many hours in the day. Therefore, smart marketers find help in this regard by outsourcing at least some of their content planning, management, and creation. 

Consistently creating and publishing content doesn’t have to be difficult. Yes, it requires a solid strategy and a plan. Check out our Content Planning Tools if you want some help with the planning and organization. Take stock of what you have and your available resources. Simple steps, like leveraging a niche specific PLR bundle, can help you achieve your content marketing goals. Balance original content with PLR and curated content. Repurpose your most popular posts from last year, or beyond. You have what you need, all you have to do now is make it work for you.



At All Custom Content we’ve helped businesses with every step of the process. We can repurpose content that you’ve created, update it and make it fresh or turn a book into an email series or blog posts. We can rework your PLR to make it original, curate content, research content topics for you and more. Visit us to find out what we can do for you to help you create consistent content and grow your business>>>