Time to Plan Your Content for 2015It’s hard to believe it, but the new year is just about here and that means there’s a lot of content planning to do. If you’re starting to think about your 2015 content marketing plan, here are 10 tips to help get you through.

  • Talk to your customers. Use surveys, polls, and social media to learn their changing needs, goals, and problems. Use this information to help you create a content plan that addresses their needs in your 2015 content.
  • Review your current content channels. What channels are working for you? Where can you optimize the channel and improve your content marketing in the upcoming year?
  • Review your content formats. Like your channels, what content formats does your audience respond to? For example, you might find that video presents a content opportunity.
  • Investigate industry predictions for the upcoming year. Use that information to help guide your content plan.
  • Review growing trends. What industry trends seem to be on the rise? How can you use that information to help plan and create content?
  • Become a published author. If you haven’t created an ebook and published it yet, 2015 is the year to take this step. Identify a topic that solves a problem for your audience. Offer it for free, sell it, or make it part of a promotional package.
  • Educate and inform. What does your audience want to know? What do they need to know? What value can you offer them? Start making a list of potential topics. You can use this list to create straight up content or a paid course.
  • Review your promotional plans for the upcoming year. Are you launching any new products or services? Align content to lead up to the launches and create momentum.
  • Add a new channel. Consider creating content for a new channel. For example, Ello, is being called the new Facebook.
  • Review your sales funnel and buying process. How do customers find you? When do they decide to purchase? Explore how you can create content around your prospect’s buying process.

The most important thing to remember is that the better you plan your content, the easier it will be to tie your content into your product promotions…and grow your business at the same time.